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The Water Damage Specialists in Edmond, Oklahoma

Flood Masters is a family owned business, and we specialize in miniminizing damage caused by flooding. We offer the best water damage removal services in Edmond, OK. 

We solve water damage problems for all types of residence and businesses including:
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • And other commercial properties
Water damage can occur as a result of flooding caused by weather (rain, snow, or ice) or burst water pipes. Our job is to clean up the mess and dry the area to make it ready for repair.

Mold is a secondary problem caused by water and can worsen your damage if left untreated. In fact, untreated mold problems can seriously impact your health, too. For that reason alone, you should call Floodmasters as soon as a water problem is detected.

Water problems are not always obvious to a home owner or business owner. Look for these signs of worsening damage:
  • crumbling drywall or plaster
  • weakening beam supports
  • rusting metal surfaces
If left alone for a long duration of time, you can lose your home or business. Call Floodmasters at the first sign of unwanted water and let our experts help you.

Water damage comes in many different classes ranging from partial loss due to a limited amount of water in a room to total saturation of a structure. Our experts understand the differences between these types of loss and can act accordingly.

When your residential or commercial property has been flooded, Flood Masters technicians are trained to minimize the impact and loss. Please contact us at (405) 720-4911 for all of your water damage problems. We're available 24 x7 to help you during your time of need.

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